A message from Anonymous

When are you gonna start posting more photos like you used to? We need to see that progress!

IDK. I’m super busy these days.

There hasn’t been much progress! :P

A message from Anonymous

Do you take requests?

Request for what?

A message from Anonymous

Haha, what did the other person think?

They liked it!

I actually ended up whipping him with the rope…which he enjoyed! 


I really appreciate him capitalizing “men” it’s so important that we’re placing the responsibility on men and not women. Too many times the victim is expected to find a solution when it’s not their responsibility. Women shouldn’t have to hear “well how can you prevent your domestic abuse?” Men should be learning how not to abuse.

A message from Anonymous

Do you still answer questions on tumblr? If so, did you ever get around to using those ropes?

Yes, I do.

I have tried using them, just on a whim and I sucked!

I really need to go to a class or get myself a book! 


I miss you! <3

A message from Anonymous

Haha why notttttt

Because you have plenty of other chicks that will do that for you. 

I finally got rope!!!!!!!
Time to practice!! ^_^

A message from Anonymous

Can you twerk?

haha Not for you! :P

I came like 20+ times tonight… It was amazing and I can barely function right now. Goodnight!